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You know that thing that lights you up? Yeah, you should do that.

Life’s just too freaking short to feel confused, stressed, lost or *gulp* bored. Katie’s philosophy is that unless what you’re doing (in life, love or biz) makes you feel EXACTLY how you want to feel, then it’s time to change things up.  Whether you’re ready to finally launch a new and exciting entrepreneurial project, or you’re ready to dive deeper into your own discovery, Katie’s your gal.

Goal setting help. Brainstorming badassery. Clarity sessions.
Desire Mapping…and more.

Who is this chick?

Everybody deserves to have their very own cheerleader.

I am the ultimate perfectionist, to the extent that I wasn’t doing any favours for my business. That’s when Katie swooped in and pulled me out from the scaredy-cat blanket I was living under. Like she says, she’s your personal cheerleader and there is no better way to describe her. She tells you the truth, gets you back on track, helps you take your business to the next level, all while making you feel empowered and inspired to be true to yourself! She’s seriously the best, everyone needs a little Katie on their shoulder! 

 – Taylor McAuley, Dancer & Creator of InnerRave

I feel as though I have reconnected with my beautiful self, the one that I have stuffed down for far too long and I am ready to take my life to the next level, without being consumed by what others think or say about me. My core desired feelings are to feel connected, loved, being of contribution and service. I am my best when I am giving, growing, learning and expanding. I FEEL LIKE I MATTER!!!!!!!! 

 – Meghan WeirEntrepreneur

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