Ever heard of the 5am club or the 6am club?

Ever wanted to join? Or wished you were a member? I have. But struggled a lot with sleep and routine and well, just kinda… forgot about it. 

So recently, when my husband and I moved interstate with our 2 furbabies, I decided to take advantage of the new environment to develop a new routine to start taking my sleeping more seriously. I mean, I was going to have to get into a new routine anyway, so I might as well make it a good one, right? Well, turns out getting to be earlier each night actually led me to waking up before the sun rises, without an alarm. So I became a member of the club (technically part-time members of both clubs) but nothing changed. I felt the same. Remind me again why these clubs are so coveted? Oh right…I digress.

One day a friend came to stay and asked about what the sunrises over the beach must look like here. He had assumed that, knowing I’m now up early each morning, that I had been. Of course, it was a no brainer. But here’s the clincher: the thought had literally never crossed my mind. That’s when it hit me. Oh my god. I live by the beach now. A gorgeous beach at an absolutely amazing location, with white sand as far as the eye can see in both directions and not to mention the fact that I am in Australia — a place that pretty much has the best temperatures all year round — and I wasn’t taking advantage of my early rises. At all. Forget the fact I actually hadn’t been up and seen the sun rise over my very own beach, but I was otherwise totally wasting these early starts just scrolling through Facebook. Maybe playing a game or two on my phone. Sometimes reading. But nothing worth reporting back to the club members about. I know, it’s mental.

So the very next day, as soon as my eyes opened, I was up and out of bed to watch my first sun rise. And I have to say, it was…breathtaking. She did not disappoint. The view was spectacular and the crazy part was it was there for me all this time. 

I wasn’t taking advantage of it.

I’m a Balanced Living Strategist, so my passion is finding balance. It’s my jam. I love everything about it despite the fact that some people think it might be a myth or an impossibility. And I’m a strategist because even though I haven’t personally got everything sorted out (I mean, let’s be honest, who really does?) you can be damn sure I’m going to do everything I can to figure out better ways to experience balance. Because I truly believe that when you find balance, you experience more joy.

What if finding balance was simply a matter of shifting your mindset and creating a new expectations?

Often times, when we think about balance we focus on what’s missing in our lives. Like a set of scales, there’s always something out of alignment. We don’t often hear people complaining about having too much of something in their life. It’s generally not enough time, not enough sleep, poor health, lack of romance, stress at work…you get the drift.

When we find balance, we experience more joy.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you can’t or shouldn’t assess what’s missing or what you don’t like in your life. In fact, I think it’s an essential part of working out what you want in your life. But what if while you’re looking at what’s not there and what’s not working, you miss out on what might already be available to you?  Just like watching the sun rise over the gorgeous beach less than a 5 minute drive from my house was available to me (despite my own personal blind spot to it), there is something available to you right now as well. Something that if you shifted your perspective, for just a second, could make a huge difference in how you currently experience your life and most importantly, your joy.

Consider your overall life balance — that means every area of your life — and do a bit of audit in your life to determine which area is not quite in balance. Once you’ve identified that, start thinking about solutions and the best way to do that starts with asking the right question. Here’s my call to action for you: maybe just for today, rather than thinking about what you’re missing, you can ask yourself, “What’s available to me right now that could bring me more joy?”

I said at the start of this blog that I wanted to be a member of the elusive 5 or 6am club. But the truth is, what was actually missing for me was that ‘morning person experience’. I was missing that spiritual connection, that beautiful wake up and inspirational start of the day. And in the end, I didn’t realise that it was already there for me. Waiting for me to experience it.

So what’s available to you? 

Since writing this post and seeing my first sunrise, I often share them live on Periscope.  To join in live (or to watch the replay), be sure to download the Periscope app to your phone and make sure you follow me @katietassone to receive notifications!