Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to not be be in the midst of chasing yet another goal you’ve set for yourself?

To feel at peace, content, fulfilled, grateful and, dare I actually say it, happy… right now instead of some day in the future?

To feel like you’ve got everything under control, even when things are all topsy turvy and inside out?

Girl, if you’ve been daydreaming about this stuff, thinking it’s not just possible, we gotta talk. Because I’ve been there.

what if we could do things differently


Hi there, beautiful! I’m Katie…

A recovering procrastinator, over-achiever, goal-getter and formerly burnt-out stress head. Not too long ago, I was like you chasing, chasing, chasing… trying everything I could get my hands on to feel happy. I thought my light was at the other end of my next big achievement, but found time and time again that I was left with the same disappointing feeling of emptiness and a void that I would inevitably try to fill again. Being an all-or-nothing kind of gal, I found myself binge-ing… a lot. Sometimes with alcohol, sometimes with food, sometimes with Netflix, sometimes with personal development. Either way, it was always an external factor I was seeking out.

The truth is, I didn’t feel like I was enough.

I was convinced that there was a piece missing, something I just hadn’t quite understood yet and if only I could have that great big aha moment… you know, then everything would be different. Sound familiar?

What I have discovered is that – in fact – I do have everything I need at my disposal; to be happy, to feel like I am worthy and to be flawed but still feel complete. All I needed was a system to follow, to develop a few skills, the love and support of a community (for when the old habits creep in) and the tenacity to keep “doing the do” each day.

I discovered the Desire Map, became a Desire Map Facilitator and created The Ruby Slipper Collective. To bring us all together, to uplift, support and push each other to the heights of happiness we’ve all been craving for far too long. It’s our time!

What if all the chasing, chasing, chasing could stop for you? Imagine yourself feeling content right now, with everything you have. Choosing to move forward not out of a need to feel happy but out of a desire to take things to the next level. For fun. For joy. For you.

craving more info?

Here’s my official bio (fancy, I know!)

Katie was a borderline obsessive goal-setter, an overachiever, and a people pleaser. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on personal development, business coaching and courses, she discovered the Desire Map, and it changed everything.

Now Katie is the champion of the #unhustle movement, empowering women everywhere to stop, drop and enjoy life TODAY…not when they have the “right” body, “right” bank account, “right” partner or “right” time. Because life is now and needs to be celebrated while we grow. She became a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator in July 2015 and now lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia with her husband, Ben and 2 furbabies, Bassey and Rosie.

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And a few more fun and random facts…

1. I studied Ancient Egyptology at University (and received an award for coming first in my class for Egyptian Hieroglyphs).

2. I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and am guaranteed to cry at any fan experiences (Wizarding World at Universal or during orchestral performances of the movie soundtracks, for example).

3. My favourite word is sassafrass (seriously, just say it…so glorious).

4. My hubby and I were married in Fiji and the day after our wedding, we did a “drown the gown” photoshoot (you can check it out here).

5. I have been working with 100% hOPE –an Australia charity making a difference to the lives of vulnerable Ugandan children since 2014.

PS if you’ve read this far, you’re clearly inquisitive, which means I like your style and if you haven’t already, should totally join my free group!


Katie Tassone

I'm Katie, a Yoga teacher in-training, Desire Map Facilitator and Marketing Manager for a wildly popular Tarot website. I'm a fierce pet + nature + people lover, a vegetarian and a big ol' life enthusiast in general. This is where I share my life lessons, musings (and occasional ramblings) all with the ultimate goal to make at least one persons day better.

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