Jan 28, 2016

It was my birthday last week and I don’t know about you, but that day of celebration always gets me feeling a little philosophical too. Feels like an appropriate time to take stock of where I’m at, what I’ve achieved, think of all the life lessons I’ve learned thus far, where I’m going and most importantly (of course) how I feel. (Because The Desire Mapper in me never stops). 

So this year I decided to write a list of the 34 most important life lessons I’ve collected  along the way (plus a few extras) to represent the 34 years I’ve been on this planet so far. Just a bit of fun, right? It was! Initially I shared it on my Facebook page (for friends and family) and it…kinda took off! So it only seemed fair that I shared those life lessons with you too (and maybe you’ll return the favour too!)

my 34+ life lessons

1. Doing work you love is far more important than getting paid well,

2. But getting paid well for doing work you love is EVERYTHING!

3. People will come and go in your life (for a reason or a season, as they say) and that’s actually really great.

4. Everyone should own a dog (or 2).

5. You can reinvent yourself at any moment you choose. Nothing in the past has to dictate your future. Ever.

6. Everyone should find their soulmate workout (as Chalene Johnson says). Stop trying to make something that feels hard work for you, when there are so many other options out there. Exercise can and should be fun! Do it daily.

7. Music is magic.

8. 99 out of 100 times, your perception of yourself is drastically worse than what anyone else actually thinks of you,

9. And what someone else thinks of you is actually none of your business.

10. Early mornings > Late nights.

11. Allowing your emotions to flow freely (no matter how ugly the cry or how vicious the roar) will expedite the process. So even if your instinct is to push that shit down, let it rip, lean in and be done with it.

12. Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you should.

13. A good night’s sleep is a thing of beauty. Do everything in your power to find your sleep routine and then honour it.

14. John Williams (composer for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Home Alone, Jurassic Park) is a god. Refer to point 7.

15. Turns out, not everyone wakes up ready to talk about the meaning of the universe. Who’da thunk it? 

16. There is nothing in this world that someone else isn’t also experiencing. So if you’re going through pain, share it.

17. Beyonce has the same number of hours in the day that you do. But she also has a whole team to support her, so start delegating or give yourself a break!

18. If you ignore your phone/emails/social media for a weekend (or longer), the world will not end.

19. Mojitos > Margaritas.

20. Hiking is actually just walking. (I know, right? Mind. Blown).

21. Get your butt on a plane and visit somewhere you don’t speak the language. It will change your life.

22. No-one has their shit together. And we’re all making it up as we go. (Thanks Colin James for that one!)

23. Halloumi tacos are always a good idea.

24. Sleep and caffeine are not the only ways to create energy. Music, movement and being in nature can do the trick too!

25. Learn to ask for help. It’s a gift to you as well as the person you entrust with that request.

26. Your Facebook newsfeed is like your home. If something upsets, triggers or irritates you, stop letting them/it in. Hide, unfollow, unfriend or change your settings. That goes for ads too!

27. To-do lists are magically never ending. Adjust your expectations.

28. It doesn’t have to be hard. Any of it.

29. Self-care isn’t just a spa day. Managing your money with ease, making nourishing food choices, eliminating toxic relationships and saying no are all great self-care skills to develop.

30. Women can be great friends with women.

31. GIFS are an acceptable form of communication.

32. Everybody is waiting for someone else to go first. Refer to point 16.

33. Laughing loudly in public has its merits. Never be ashamed of your own enthusiasm.

34. Every new breath, sunrise, Monday, 1st of the month, New Year and moment is a chance to start over. Refer to point 5.

35. If you don’t like it, get rid of it.

36. No is a complete sentence. (Thanks Lisa & CeCe)

37. Find your tribe and love them hard. (Thanks Danielle LaPorte). But seriously though, if you don’t feel like you have found them yet, keep looking. They’re out there.

38. There’s nothing sexier than listening to someone share their excitement about a hobby/passion/interest that they are throwing themselves wholeheartedly into.

39. Never underestimate the power of putting your feet on the ground.

40. There is ALWAYS room for dessert.

Now it’s your turn! What life lessons have you learned along the way? Anything I missed?

Katie xo
PS Did you know I’ve now got a group? If you’d like to join (and I’ve love for you to be a part of it) then make sure you sign up here.


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